Copyright © 1958 Lithuanian Students Association, Inc.
March, 1958  Vol. 4, No. 1
Managing Editor P. V. Vygantas

Capsule Reviews

Krėve, Vincas, Raštai (Collected Works), vol. Ill, published by J Kapočius, Boston, 1957.
The third volume of the collected works of this noted Lithuanian writer, who died in 1954 in Philadelphia, Pa., contains the epic drama Šarūnas.

Brazdžionis, Bernardas ed., Lietuvių Beletristikos Antologija
(An Anthology of Lithuanian Prose) Vol. II, published by the Lithuanian Book Club, Chicago 1957, 607 p.

Tumienė, Elena, Karaliai ir Šventieji (Kings and Saints) poems, published by "Lithuanian Days," Los Angeles, 1957.
In her literary debut the author often utilizes Lithuanian historical and contemporary personages as a vehicle for the expression of her themes, ranging from patriotic to purely lyrical ones.

Kairys, Steponas, Lietuva Budo (Lithuania Awakened) memoirs, New York, 1957
This personal memoir, by a signatory of the Lithuanian Declaration of Independence, describes the period of the birth of Lithuanian national consciousness. It contains much valuable information of this period.

Jurkus, Paulius, Smilgaičių Akvarele (A Water Color of Smilgaičiai Village), published by the Lithuanian Book Club, Chicago, 1957.
This novel, winner of the 1957 "Draugas" literary prize is noted for its optimism. The author dwells on the bright aspects of the simple lives of the villagers in Smilgaičiai, Lithuania.

Mingirdas, Jonas, Smulkioji Tautosaka, (Minor Folklore) published by "Lithuanian Days," Los Angeles, 1958.
A collection of folk saws, mostly personally collected by the editor from Lithuanian villagers. The work also includes sayings from non-Lithuanian sources.

Vaičeliūnas, Juozas, žymieji Karo Vadai (Famous Military Leaders) published by the author, Ontario, Canada, 1958.
Brief sketches of the lives of ten famed generals, from Alexander the Great to Mannerheim.

Katiliškis, Marius, Miškais Ateina Ruduo (The Autumn Comes Over the Forests) published by "Terra," Chicago, 1957.
Doubtlessly, one of the greatest novels in the last two decades of Lithuanian literature. A book of Lithuanian countryside, written with rich baroque realism, combining psychological insight and feeling for nature.

Aistis, Jonas, Kristaliniam Karste (In a Crystalline Casket), published by Prelate P. Juras, Brooklyn, 1957.
The swan song of the foremost living Lithuanian lyric poet. Several poems, especially the one bearing the name of the title, compare well with those of Aistis' most creative period. The author has recently announced that he was finished with writing poetry and would concentrate on prose.

Baronas, Aloyzas, Mėnesiena, (Moonlight), published by the Lithuanian Book Club, Chicago, 1957.
A short psychological novel of people whom the recent upheavals in Europe have exposed to bigamy. By a young and prolific writer.

Škėma, Antanas, Žvakide (The Candlestick), published by "Darbininkas," Brooklyn, 1958, 101 p.
Winner of the 1955 Lithuanian Drama Contest. The author transplants the biblical story of Abel and Cain to Soviet-occu-pied Lithuania. The treatment is inventive and shows a subtle feeling for the stage by the noted avant-garde dramatist and novelist.