Copyright 1958 Lithuanian Students Association, Inc.
June, 1958  Vol. 4, No. 2
Managing Editor P. V. Vygantas


Romas Viesulas, a young Lithuanian graphic artist, received a Guggenheim Award on the 27th of April, 1958, for his work in the field of graphic art. The $3,600 stipend will enable the artist to carry out one of his favorite projects: the preparation and publication, in a limited edition, of some 50 engravings on ancient Lithuanian folk-song themes. For a fuller introduction to Romas Viesulas, see "Lituanus" Nr. 2 (11) for June, 1957.

The second Lithuanian artist to have been honored recently is V. K. Jonynas. His woodcut "Fifth Avenue, New York' has been selected for inclusion in the 16th National Exhibition of Prints at the Library of Congress in Washington. A jury of art experts considered 1194 submitted prints and chose 88 of them for the exhibition. The show opened in Washington on May 31st.