Copyright © 1958 Lithuanian Students Association, Inc.
June, 1958  Vol. 4, No. 2
Managing Editor P. V. Vygantas


Simutis, Anicetas, Pasaulio Lietuvių žinynas (Lithuanian World Directory), published by The Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce, New York, 1958, 464 p.
A Lithuanian and English directory of noted Lithuanians and Lithuanian institutions in the West. It contains the names and adres-ses of intellectuals, priests, businessmen, publishing houses, etc.. The first part of the publication is devoted to a rather exclusive commentary on Lithuanian affairs.

Petrėnas, Jonas, editor, Šv. Pijus X (St. Pius X), published by Ateitis, Brooklyn, 1958, 256 p.
A series of essays by several authors on the life and works of Pope Pius X, the inspirer of the Lithuanian Catholic Federation "Ateitis."

Balys, Jonas, Užburti Lobiai (Enchanted Treasure), published by Nida, London, 1958, 96 p.
A collection of Lithuanian dolk tales concerning enchanted treasures. One of several books on folk art by the author, this work includes tales on treasures, their location and the spirits guarding them.

Babickas, Petras, Picturesque Lithuanian — Gražioji Lietuva — Lituania Pictoresca, Chicago, 1958, 104 p.
The book was published to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Declaration of Lithuanian Independence. It presents illustrated information on that country in three languages.

Rev. V. Bagdanavičius, Dr. P. Jonikas, J. švaistas-Balčiūnas, Kovos Metai del Savosios Spaudos (The Years of Strife for a Lithuanian Press), published by the Lithuanian Community, Chicago Region, Chicago, 1958, 366 p.
Twelve studies on the late 19th and early 20th centuries, when the use of the Latin alphabet in Lithuania had been prohibited by the Russian, czarist government. It is a survey of the period by subjects and presents valuable historical material.

Škėma, Antanas, Balta Drobulė (The White Sheet), published by Nida, London, 1958, 192 p.
A short novel about the life of a New York elevator operator, alternating with memoirs of his youth. The novel is existential in content and approaches a surrealistic style.

Barenas, K., editor, Derliaus Sauja (A Handful of Harvest), published by Nida, London, 1957,558 p.
A reader for the teen-ager and the adult. The work contains numerous selections from old and new Lithuanian literature, arranged in 14 sections according to subject.

Vaitkus, Mykolas, Mistiniame Sode, (In a Mystical Garden), published by Immaculata, Putnam, Conn., 1957, 208 p.
The personal memoirs of a noted Lithuanian priest and poet, covering the period from 1903 to 1906. With gentle humor, the author describes the people and places which he knew at the seminary in Kaunas.