Copyright © 1958 Lithuanian Students Association, Inc.
September, 1958  Vol. 4, No. 3
Managing Editor P. V. Vygantas


In the shadow of the 20th anniversary of the First Lithuanian National Olympics in Kaunas, Lithuania, the 8th Annual North American Lithuanian Championships in track and field, soccer, swimming and lawn tennis were held July 4-6 in New York City.

Over 200 athletes from various Lithuanian sport clubs in the United States and Canada participated. The Games were officially opened by the Consul General of Lithuania in New York, Mr. Jonas Budrys.

The accomplishments in track and field and swimming were mostly moderate, but some youngsters showed a certain promise for the future. In the men's events Bronius Keturakis from Milwaukee, Wis., achieved an unofficial record of the United States by walking 3 kilometers in 12:47.6. This splendid performance couldn't be recognized because there was no official timekeeper from AAU on hand.

In the lawn tennis competition Miss Veronika Ščukauskaitė, a veteran player known from Free Lithuania days, showed again her unsurpassed supremacy. Meeting only a token resistance from the younger rivals, she easily took the women's singles and had a share in winning women's and mixed doubles. Miss Ščukauskaite also was crowned as a champion with two gold medals at the National Olympics in 1938.

The Games in New York were an event where the younger Lithuanian generation have met and formed their friendship among themselves. As such, the Games should be rated as quite important.

A 40-page program, containing present information and providing reminiscences from the National Olympics 20 years ago, was Issued.

K. Ck.