Copyright © 1958 Lithuanian Students Association, Inc.
December, 1958  Vol. 4, No. 4
Managing Editor P. V. Vygantas


On November 28-30, during the Thanksgiving recess. Lithuanian students from all parts of the United States gathered in Detroit. Mich., where the annual convention of the Lithuanian Student Association, Inc. was held. Of the more than six hundred registered members of the association two hundred attended the convention which took place at the Statler-Hilton Hotel. Most of the nonattending members were represented by proxy. The students met to discuss the problems confronting Lithuanian students in general as well as those of their association.

After the convention had been organized with the election of the presidium and several committees, it was opened by A. Mickevičius, president of the association. After his report other members of the Executive Committee talked on the different phases of activities of the association. The officers informed the attending members of the general standing of the association, the various plans for the future, the financial status and other aspects. They also reported on the specific work which has been accomplished thus far. Among these was the establishment of two new chapters since the last convention: one in Purdue, Ind., and the other in Kent, Ohio. Then representatives of local chapters gave reports on their activities.

In the afternoon of the first day Tomas Remeikis, doctoral candidate in political science, spoke on the character of the students in exile. His lecture was one of the highlights of the convention and was followed by stimulating discussions. Later a round table discussion took place on the activities of the association in which Š. Milišauskas, G. Gedvilą, Š. Užgiris and moderator V. Valaitis participated. In the evening a get-acquainted dance was held at the same hotel.

Further organizational matters took up the morning session of the second day of the convention. In the afternoon two lectures were presented. The first was by Mrs. A. Augustinavičienė on romanticism in Lithuanian art. Miss B. Bilevičiūtė, who has only recently left Lithuania, spoke on the life of students in Lithuania. She noted that conditions have improved only slightly since Stalin's death and still stand in grim contrast to the conditions of student life in the Western world.

Student representatives of the African and Arab Student Unions addressed the Convention in person. Numerous messages were received: among them from Vice-President R. Nixon and many senators and members of the House. Saturday evening the traditional banquet was held at the Main Ballroom of the Statler Hotel. On Sunday's afternoon session the convention was officially closed.

I. K.