Blue Adonis
2015, stoneware, glaze, 33” x 10” x 14
Kostas Ulevičius

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Current Issue | Summer 2016 | v62:2

Almantas Samalavičius

Toward the Culture of Hope

Romualdas Ozolas From One-Dimensional to Multidimensional Thinking
Valdas Selenis

Organizations of Lithuanian Historians on the Other Side of the Atlantic in 1948–1990: Between Professionalism and Amateurism

Žibuntas Mikšys Art
Bitė Vilimaitė Three Stories
Antanas Ramonas Three Stories
Sharon Joffe Poems

§ Adomas Galdikas: A Winding Path to the Expanses of Lyrical Abstraction. Antanas Andrijauskas.
§Concise Encyclopaedia of Lithuania Minor.
§The Invisible Front: A Story of Lithuanian Underground Resistance against Soviet Occupation.
§Segvards Vientulis [Alias Loner].
§Risttuules []In the Crosswind]..