Blue Adonis
2015, stoneware, glaze, 33” x 10” x 14
Kostas Ulevičius

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Current Issue | Fall 2016 | v62:3

Antanas Šileika

Long Ago and Far Away – Revisiting Big Stories from Small Countries

Ramunė Šmigelskytė-Stukienė The Idea of the Union in the Boyar Confederation of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania During the Period of the Rule of Stanisław August (1764–1795)
Alis Balbierius

Two Essays

Ričardas Žičkus The Drivers of Vilnius
In memoriam Alfred Erich Senn
Book Reviews:

§Felicia Prekeris Brown. God Gave Us Wings.
§Alfonsas Eidintas, et al. The History of Lithuania. 2nd rev..
§Ellen Cassedy. We Are Here: Memories of The Lithuanian Holocaust.