Our Current Issue: Summer 2023 vol.69:3



Audra V. Adomėnas. Letter to the Editors. Baltic States in Putin Era: Alternative Reality in the Twenty-First Century

Eglutė Trinkauskaitė Atomic Grandmothers and Snake Medicine

Otis Kazimieras Tamasauskas  Art

Regina Laukaitytė  The Forgotten Breakthrough of the 1960s: The Beginning of the Emigration of the Lithuanians from the USSR

Lisa Anne Storer Constructed Narratives of the Understandings of Kaunas Ghetto Jewish Policmen: „The Murder Period“, August 15 to October 28-29, 1941

Book Review by Valdas Selenis: 

Grzegorz Błaszczyk 

Litwini na uniwerytecie Dorpackim (Juriewskimdo 1918 roku i ich dalsse losy

Słownik biograficzny, Poznań, 2022, 315 pp.

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